Jan 19, 2012

Helping Hand Of Ruby On Rails For Web Application Development

I think maximum developers know that what is Ruby On Rails or ROR? Well its short definition is “it is an open source full-stack web application framework for the Ruby programming language - Wikipedia”.

If you are looking for developing of database backed web application with no compulsion on OS and have a collection of database and web servers, then ROR will help you lot. It is one of the best web application development programming sources. ROR is fully blown communications, or framework which can develop any kind of web based application in real time.  It’s one of the excellent advantages which I like most is that, it is very useful while developing database driven websites and web applications with the support of databases like Mysql, Postgresql, and Oracle etc. ROR also provides developers with meticulous error logs so as to enable them to debug applications. Users also get the user friendly url which is very important for search engine perspectives. The active record trait in ROR simplifies data handling in databases as it automatically maps tables to classes and rows to objects. All these features have made Ruby on Rails an accepted framework among the open source developers' communities.

So, I think you get enough information on ROR for web application development and it’s a right time for you to take correct decision on web application development with Ruby On Rails for your business growth.
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