Aug 8, 2012

Understanding The Basic Difference Between UI and UX

While dealing with any client, the first thing we end up doing is we discuss about the software design. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion between what is included in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design. And what’s the impact of both on the system. User experience is the influence that an application has on a user by way of his experience. While user interface is all about how the user interfaces with the application. Let’s know about it in detail.

User Interface (UI)

User interface is a way by which the user controls and communicates with the software application. User interface is basically designed either for software or hardware. On a computer, a user interface has two devices keyboard and mouse. 

User interface generates trust amongst the users. It is a set of commands or a menu that is designed in an application with the help of which humans interact with a program. User interface is the main part of the program and it decides how the user will relate with application or software. 

There are mainly three types of user interface which is widely used,

1. Command Driven: In Command Driven interface, user enters commands. For using command driven interface, user must have knowledge about programming instruction or codes. Command driven interface is used for system administration task.

2. Menu Driven: In Menu driven interface, user selects a command from different menu displayed on the screen. It is more helpful to user because users don’t have to remember the commands or instruction codes.

3. Graphical User Interface (GUI): GUI uses different windows, icons. User selects commands by clicking on the icons, windows. Input is given by the keyboard and mouse and accurate output is displayed on the monitor.

A well designed interface will be very user friendly and will enhance faster work. This will attract several non- technical people to use your application or software and in addition it will add to the professional look and create an impactful application. But if your interface is not well designed then users won’t be comfortable working on it and may decide to call it quits. Sometimes user interface requires some additional software to install to run programs.

User Experience (UX)

User experience is about what users feel about your product and service. When a user visits your website, User experience is the most important factor that will determine if the user will stay put on your website and be a potential buyer. Hence, the web site should be designed in such a way that the users are able to locate important information without wasting much time searching for it and only required fields need to be introduced while they are filling the form on your website.

User experience is based on an individual and depends completely on his or her knowledge of the website. It does not remain the same for long and needs constant updation with time. Several people misinterpret user experience. It is very essential because this helps in long term sustenance of an organization. Currently, various companies are providing quality based user experience as it’s the call of the hour and enhance the reputation of the organization thereby increasing business. Good user experience distinguishes your company from those of your competitor. User experience design is different for different websites. Users have very high expectations and if the website is very complicated to use, then the users would not feel comfortable and hence it’s necessary to create a web site which is simple and gives a faster experience.
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