Feb 10, 2012

Bulls Eye-I Got My Winning Website Strategies

You have just developed a great idea about your website, you know about the importance of users and search engine deeply, but you don’t have any winning website strategies which will give your website design a great payback. Then why are you waiting just go for below points which will help you to make a solid strategies for both users and search engines.

Title Which Creates Wow Factor:  Title is most important part of your website and by proper using of this section you can attract both visitors and search engines. So your main keywords should here and it should create some proper meaning.

Website’s Pages:  Don’t forget to put home, about us, contact us pages within your website, after these three pages you can put any other pages as per your website requirements.

Number Of Columns In Webpage (Layouts):  If you have an e-commerce website then it is good to use one column but if you have information sharing website like; news then you will have to put several column.

Cool Colors And Fonts: Bad selection of colors and fonts change the mood of your visitors and they will never come back again to your site. So, go for perfect colors and font formats.

Say No To Horrible Navigation: Use simple and text format (with CSS) navigation which will good for both users and seo.

Superb Content:  This one is always lovable by users and search engines, but remember that your content should be unique and quality one.

Backlinks: Get quality backlinks from other sites to improve your position in search engine result pages as well as for page rank which provides the information that how much your website valuable for search engine.
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