Sep 13, 2011

Important Navigation Rudiments For A Website

If you are a designer and working for Web Development Company or self employee then you know how navigation elements work for website design of a website. Positioning of important elements should be arranged in a specific way for an excellent navigational structure. Here I am going to discuss some important navigational elements which shouldn’t be ignored.

•  Internal page links – Every web page on the website should be within two or three clicks from the home page. So, follow three click rules.

•  Login boxes – login box should be importantly displayed on webpage. General position is top left, top right or inside the page header.

•  Shopping carts – if you use a shopping cart to sell your products of online business site, you should highly display a view cart button on each page and order button should stay near each product.

•  Breadcrumbs – breadcrumbs are both links and a graphical depiction of where you are in the site. So, use of breadcrumb will give special attraction to the users.

•  Downloadable items – if you offer downloadable items such as audio, video or pdf files, instruct user about file size and the application if require for download.

• Sitemap Making of sitemap is extra added value for your site, where user can get all your workable sites’ urls.
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