Feb 8, 2012

Small Business And Their Mistakes In Website

I think you know about the search engine optimization and how to get benefit from it. But don’t forget that whatever you did yesterday good, it will be wrong for today, because technology is changing frequently and web guys should take care of it and update their self with new technology and avoid some mistakes. Following are the mistakes which should be avoid for saving your website value and get the pay back for your website design:

Low Quality Content: Today’s date now it is very important that website should contain fresh and high quality content otherwise you will lose your high position in search engine. So, make user’s friendly content.

Smooth Marketing: Marketing of website must need thing now because it is the only way by which you can reach your visitors. But most common mistake is done by marketers is spamming. So, be a good marketer.

Eyes On Web Design:  Whenever you decide to make a website then you will have to design your website as simple as you can. Suppose you are using heavy graphics on your site then just forget about the profit.

Confusion In Navigation: User love to access those kind of sites which have ease navigation structure, so, follow three click rule and make your site more user friendly.

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