Feb 13, 2012

Inwardness Of Android Application Development

Nowadays, mobile app development has crossed every border of the popularity and becomes the necessity for many businesses. Today more and more companies are getting interested in this market and want to develop mobile applications that meet the diverse needs of remote users. There are many mobile app development platforms but among this all platforms Android application development stands at top and draws the attention of mobile developers to develop android applications with this open source platform.Behind the popularity of anything, few elements are responsible. Same thing has been seen in the case of android app development. There are four useful elements that have become foundation for the popularity of android app development.

Interaction of user with Mobile application: In the process of android application development, the interaction of user with application plays a very important role and this is the most important aspect that determines the popularity of android application. So, create such android application that will provide the best user interface and helps to get quick approval from the end users. Fortunately android offer the best platform for creating user friendly application.

Testing device used to test application: It is always better to test the developed application on device before illuminate it in the market. Suppose a company develop Android apps, so the that android app should be tested on device and for this purpose android developers can use built in Emulator belonging to Android SDK to test the developed app.

Distribution of the android apps: Thing is not end with just the development of the application but it should be the aspect of finding the Android market for the effective distribution of the developed android application. This market place should be able for the developers to distribute the developed applications to users over the globe. Once simple way is to be registered through the registration process, enter in to android market and discover the users who have Android-based devices.

Service proposes to end users: In order to develop fabulous application, the popularity of the android is at the top position and this is just because of its open source nature. That’s why the developers have opportunity to provide the best development service to the end users with this open source platform. Apparently this open source platform gives a better opportunity to developers to conduct best of the best services and with the help of this develop an application that is in fact proved a value added mobile application.
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