Mar 1, 2012

Best Flash Websites For Me - 2012

Flash always makes your website cool and attractive and it works properly if it is optimized properly, because heavy flash crates lots of problem in user’s desktop like; users having lower bandwidth don’t able to load website on their browser, so using of flash in smart way will help you to increase the visibility of your proper web design structure on website. Below are the some example of flash websites which are personally liked by me and I am sure it will help you to make more effective flash website.

Dave Werner: Here Dave Werner has used its flash skills in perfect manner which makes his flash website more understandable for user. I like its page turning process, it is just amazing.

Intel’s Museum of Me: It is a facebook application which represents your facebook activities in the form of museum. You need a facebook account to access this feature.

Being Henry: Here you can get the idea about “how to make flash film which inspires others?” I can say that it is a store of entertainment.

Monoface: It is just like flash game for me where I can play with faces by giving them new eyes, smile, nose etc.

Waterlife: It is a showcase for the documentary film which offers a magnificent preview of the verdant cinematography and rich storytelling.

Let’s taste the flash
  • Dave Werner -
  • Intel’s Museum of Me -
  • Being Henry -
  • Monoface -
  • Waterlife -
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