Mar 3, 2012

Guest Blogging-Few Steps Of Success

“Guest Blogging” it is a well known name in SEO world where people can increase their profile popularity, brand awareness, traffic and backlinks by provide free article or post to other site as a guest. Previously when I was new in this guest blogging field, I used to research lots of thing on blogging and finding the way that “how this thing will give a healthy value to my web design through a website?” And finally I got some points which truly very helpful.

• Write the articles as per the requirements and theme of the owner of guest blogging website.

• Before writing on a topic, be careful about length of your post, most of the websites having their own length and among them few also describe about their minimum requirements on length at their “guidelines section”.  Usually you can keep your length in between 500words – 1000 words.

• Your article should be unique and quality one with proper grammar, spelling, h1 tags etc. It shouldn’t be found at anywhere in web. If you are using any image(s) for your post then it shouldn’t violate copyright law and it should be according to post within 500pixel width.

• Don’t put any affiliate link within your post. Some sites allowing links within your post which should indicate to your other blog, web pages etc., but in my opinion it is better to put your link within your author bio or byline, but don’t put lots of link there only 1-2 links are enough.

• Don’t send lots of guest blogging request to a site frequently, have patience site owner will surely contact you about your guest blogging status.

Following example will help you to get more idea about perfect guest blogging.       

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