Mar 10, 2012

The Software Development Process and Related Tools

In simple words the Software development management is the ability to track source code which passes via the various stages of the development starting from requirements gathering and testing, to release.

The Software requirements and plans with technical changes in a project which is combined with the important interdependent and heavily repetitive nature of the software development process that can make management too much of chaotic for the project managers and increase software quality risks in longer period.

The reporting is a business attribute of project administration for the software development and various Metrics, summaries, and contextual reports definitely provides views and insight into the status of the project and greatly help bring projects to the successful completion. The IBM Rational ClearQuest is a comprehensive flexible change management tool that is suitable for multiple process management and provides change tracking, complete process automation, best reporting, detailed traceability, and control of the software development lifecycle.

Many of the Software Development teams take advantage of the Rational ClearQuest to successfully manage changes in their development environments in throughout the software development cycle. The current version of Rational ClearQuest provides a new and flexible reporting mechanism which is based on a data-pull reporting model technique and by adding significant flexibility over the traditional data-push model. This will surely help team members for gaining real-time visibility into development process.

All Data is pulled from Rational ClearQuest application with the help of the supplied ClearQuest ODA JDBC driver and presented in the standard reports shipped with ClearQuest which are based on the Open Source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) which is a project of the Eclipse Foundation. The BIRT is an Open Source reporting system for the web applications especially those based on Java and J2EE. A actuate founded and co-leads the BIRT project and at the same time IBM is also an active participant, with the representation on the Project Management Committee and a number of developers contributing code.

The BIRT project has brought the Rich Information Application capabilities as well as the great interactivity to the web-based reporting of structured data and as a result of that it is the Open Source Business Intelligence offering with the most momentum, with more than 6.5 million downloads through 2008.

The BIRT consists many of the comprehensive report development environment, complete reporting engine and powerful skill-specific tools for creating rich and interactive reports for client and web applications in a variety of formats. The Rational has implemented all these technologies as the basis of the new built-in reporting solution within.

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