Mar 23, 2012

Website Designing with Wordpress CMS

Wordpress is one of the user friendly CMS and even fresher also can design website using Wordpress CMS. Though user doesn’t know coding he/she can design a website using Wordpress plug-ins and options available. Here are the steps to create website within few steps. 

1. First step is to get Website Host and get domain for your website. 
2. Go to Wordpress site download Wordpress software and you can start editing. 

Steps mentioned above are the basic steps to start developing your own website with Wordpress. You can start website designing with Wordpress just by selecting various Wordpress theme available in Wordpress CMS. You can select the closest one to your business and can start with editing as to fulfill your business needs. 

Within few steps you can build your website and can host your website in a single day. There are various functionalities available in the form of plug-in and using same plug-in you can add needed plug-in and can achieve functionality. 

Wordpress offers services such as template customization, header designing, can transfer site to Wordpress from other language and can customize you own functionality by creating your own plug-ins and add that into Wordpress. 

One of the important things is that you can even earn lot using Wordpress. You can create blog in Wordpress and can promote blogs using affiliate program. It needs to be maintaining, if you really want to earn from that. There are two major factors that Wordpress offers. 

1. Pages: - Pages through which you can create your own page 

 2. Posts: - As such post and page are similar but the only difference is that in Posts user can feed their comment where as in page you can get comment. You can even increase traffic source using posts. 

Wordpress is the most preferred platform as it is easy to manage with.
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