Apr 11, 2012

Due To This I Am Jumping To HTML5

Much reporting on HTML5 over the last couple of years and its main focus is to enter into the big corporate world such as Apple, Google etc. For now it is true that not all organization will get the benefit from this, but some of the high profile professional web design and development firm really get the huge benefit.
It's safe to say now, it is the time for most development shops to adopt HTML5, and to begin taking advantage of its powerful benefits. So, if you want to get power from html5 then you need to jump now to html5 like me. Below are some powerful benefits which will force you for jumping.

• It allows you for faster image downloading. Especially mobile users will able to download quickly which wasn’t available in old HTML.

• As you know, now search engine is most effective way to boost in web world,HTML5 gives you more improve Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

• There is always problem with flash. Flash has well-known disadvantages such as search engines don't index it properly, Apple's iOS and other operating systems don't allow it etc.  But with HTML5 complicated visual animations become available as semantic animations and search engine friendly.

• HTML5 offers an excellent programming environment to battle with native applications. It allows easier web application development, especially for mobile apps. 
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