May 14, 2012

Susceptibility Remediation Strategies Of Web Application Development

After the development of web application you’ve completed a security evaluation which is a part of your web application development, now it's time to uncover the path of remediating all of the security problems. Here your developers, quality assurance testers, your security managers as well as your each and every staff who are in application development process should be collaborating closely to incorporate security into the current processes of your software development life cycle for eliminating any kind of development’s problem. After getting the support from all staffs you will get the list of issues which should be taken under consideration and you should go for following remediation process:

Categorize and Prioritize The Problems: After getting the list of issues categorize it as per the priority. You can find two types of problem i.e. development errors and configuration errors. Development errors occur while there is a problem in coding and configuration errors occur while application uploads in system and it mismatches with the system configuration.

Develop an Achievable Time Of Problem: After categorize and prioritize the problems finalize the estimate time will be taken for achieving the solution for specific problem.

Testing And Validation: After solving the problem verify the bearing of the application with a reconsideration, or regression testing. For this assessment, it's vital that the developers aren't the only ones charged with assessing their own code because they already should have completed their verification. This point is worth rising, because many times companies make the mistake of allowing developers to test their own applications during the reassessment stage.

Above three steps are most common remediation strategies.
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