Jun 14, 2012

Website Development With Page Layout

Page layout refers as placement of content and other elements within a webpage. It is an important aspect of website design. As you know that a great website design is a successful way of attract visitors and convert them as customers, in simple word great website design generates quality traffic.

If you have decided to develop a website then following things you will have to keep in mind regarding web page layout:

• One of the basic principle of page layout is to avoid scrolls, because when a visitor visits your website specially landing on home page he/she doesn’t want to move mouse pointer up to maximum level and likes to hit call to action button as much as quickly.

• Selection of layout mainly depends upon targeted audience and different layouts having different targeted audiences as per the industries, demographics etc. So, select your page layout as per your targeted audience.

• Consistency brings a new flow to website. So, when you make a website then keep consistency in navigational structure, content flow etc. Consistency increases brand awareness of your business and generate positive leads.

• All the elements of page layout should have proper balance such as great contrast, proper alignment, perfect color combination, content density etc.

• If your website be a business oriented then keeps great deal with “Lead Management”.
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