Oct 19, 2011

Features OF A Programming Language (APL)

Whatever you are doing inside website as a web designer or developer, you should know the programming languages which are used by you deeply for better web design or web development. A Programming Language is one of well known programming language for the any computer platform. It is an interactive array-oriented language which is accessible from a number of saleable and non- saleable firms by programmers.

Some of the useful features for A Programming Language (APL) are as follows:

• It uses symbols rather than words and it apply functions to whole array without using open loops. A Programming Language focuses on solutions and it emphasizes the appearance of algorithms separately of machine construction or operating system.

• It has only one and consistent rule “the right dispute of a function is the effect of the whole idiom to its right.”It also solves high level problems.

• A Programming Language is used in technical, actuarial, statistical and financial application which is used by developer for application development and by the practitioners for their personal work.

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