Dec 16, 2011

Web Designing-Getting Inspired From The Knight Of Chess

Chess is a game of strategies and mind with the aim of capturing the king of the opposite side. Web designing is a game of mind to convince the visitor into buying what is being offered through the website. Web designing is very much similar to chess. All the pieces that are on the chess board, besides having relevance in the game, inspire the web designer in one or the other way.

Knight is a unique piece on the chess board. It is because of the uniqueness that the Knight piece is sometimes compared to the horse too. Some of its features and the rules it is subject to are as follows.

• There are two Knights on each side.

• The knights can move two squares straight and then one square on either side.  This means that if enough room is available the knight can move in 8 ways.

• Nothing can act a barrier to the movement of the knight because it can jump over other pieces.

• It is said and proved that the two knights can turn the tables on the opposite and can change the game in your favor.

The knight of the chess can inspire the web designer for more professional web design of a website in many ways. Some of the main inspirational aspects of the knight are as follows.

• In the game the Knights are strategically important because with the help of the knights the pieces that are interior most and defended within the opposite side can be targeted. This is just because of the typical way the knight moves. Even if the king of the opposite side is defended from all sides it is possible to checkmate it with the help of the knight. This line of thought can be applied to the way the visitor or prospective client can be approached. It is possible that your competitor has convinced the buyer in such a way that all your messages fall on deaf ears. This does not mean that there is no weak point or loophole in what the competitors offer. You can study what the competitors offer and offer your customers or clients something extra.

• The knight enjoys such a freedom of movement that at times it becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to capture them. If you want to draw the attention of the visitor towards something there are many way to do so. There are many ways to make the website appealing and successful. The movement of the knight over the board inspires navigation too. Just as the Knight can go for multiple moves, the visitor should find the website easy for navigation and every constituent web page easily accessible.

• The Knight can attack the innermost pieces of the opposite side. Similarly the website should be accessible to the remotest visitor without much difficulty.

The knights are such pieces that they can be offensive as well as defensive simultaneously. Similarly the website should be designed in such a way that in the worst of the circumstances too the most important information gets conveyed to the visitor.

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