Dec 14, 2011

Website Maintenance-Key Considerations

Just like any automobile every website needs maintenance. Some of the key considerations for the maintenance of any website are as follows.

• Usually, after a prolonged duration, people get bored of seeing the same content. The visitors usually like to see some changes in the website. The business needs to share with the visitor the latest developments brought about in the business.

• The range of products or services may have increase and the visitors should be informed about it. For this the website needs to be updated with that information and should have proper web design and navigation structure.

• The status and the legal bindings of the business may have changed over the years and the website needs to be updated for sharing this information as well.

• Over duration the blog may be filled with spam and comments that are unnecessary. The blog needs to be thoroughly cleaned of the unnecessary content.

• Some of the links may be broken. Nothing can be more frustrating and irritating for the visitor than clicking on a link and not getting accesses to the appropriate page. As a consequence of this the visitor may never revisit the website again. So the broken links have to be corrected as soon as possible.
• Most of the websites have a content management system that needs to be regularly upgraded because the older CMS may not be supported by the latest technology.

• For blogging, usually the WordPress framework is used. Some of the older WordPress plugins are now not supported and this can make things confusing. It is better to use the latest version of WordPress in the latest upgrading.

• The compatibility of the website with the browsers is one of the key issues. Besides checking the website on the prominent browsers, one should check the compatibility with the lesser known browsers. Some of the not so known browsers have undergone big changes and the website needs to be maintained to be compatible with those browsers too.

• Care should be taken that after the updating is done the code has to be validated. If the validation is not done there can be problems when the website is being displayed on the visitors screen.

• There could be a number of <div> tags that are of no use in the current scenario. When the maintenance is being carried out those kinds of useless tags can be removed.
• Excess of attributes can be removed so that the website can be managed easily in the future.

• The cascading style sheets (CSS) may have become illegible and difficult to maintain. As part of the maintenance the CSS needs to be cleaned.

The accessibility of the website through all sorts of devices used in the market especially the smart phones needs to be checked thoroughly and if any fault is found it should be rectified.

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