Feb 4, 2012

Golden Rules For Graphic Designers

drink city web design

It always makes surprise me that how graphic designers produce mind blowing and award winning websites? And the answer is they have talent which helps them to design such types of beautiful graphic design which gives an attractive web design structure to any kind of website. If you are a beginner then just forget the old things what you learned and just remember following some golden rules.

• Put your message somewhere within your web page of website. Whatever the message you are putting within your webpage it should focus on your business or services.

• Pick those types of colors which force users to say that “wow. What a color combination this website has”.

•  Put your creativity within the website but don’t copy other’s design. Always ask yourself that can I do new things for a website?

• Always shows the positive aggression towards your work and update yourself with new designing ideas and tools.

• Don’t choose those types of fonts which are not read by the website’s users.

Hope graphic designer as a beginner can understand my points.

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