Feb 6, 2012

Launching A Website-Take Care Of These Things

Finally you have created brand new website or refreshed existing website for your business, it is glad to here. Now what? You are going to live your website, just wait for a moment and read following points carefully:

• Make sure that you have two type of sitemap on your website i.e. HTML sitemap which is useful for users and another one is XML sitemap which is used by search engine spider (a program) for more crawling of your web pages.

• Insure that your robots.txt file has been updated and present at the root directory of your website.

• Do you have analytic’s code for tracking your website then implement it on every page of website.

• If you've renamed products, pages or categories on your new website or in existing one then don't forget to use 301 and 302 redirects in proper manner otherwise duplicate content issue will occur.

• Make sure that website doesn’t have any test image or text and having proper web design structure; otherwise it will create bad impression.

• Test all the web pages for broken link issue and put some workable section at 404 error page or you can redirect any 404 page to your home page.

• Suppose your site has been made by CMS then people who are involve in development and management process should know how to use specific CMS (Content management system)

• People who are handling your website should know whom to contact while they face any technical or other website related issues.

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