Jul 18, 2012

Single Page Website: Latest Trend in Designing a Website

The current trend while designing a website is a single page website. This is becoming an increasingly popular fad in web design. But it’s not for everyone and every company. Why? A single page website makes sense to those, who do not believe in loading the site with heaps of content. They believe in having only those materials which are appropriate; or in some circumstances where a particular style functions best on just a single page. Website design is important to get success in business. Hence, small business owners desire to design a single page website which is more relevant to their business and serves their purpose. Single page website design provides an obvious, eye-catching framework with appropriate content without unnecessary clutter. Besides being a modern idea, it is also more user-friendly, cost-effective and professional way of presenting your company globally. 

What makes it popular?

Large number of users is spending loads of time browsing the internet. People are taken by a website which is easy to load and easy on the eyes. If somebody’s taken the pain to visit your website then they are looking for information instantly. They would hate to scroll pages and to find the required information. If they do not find the content that they require easily then they will leave your site for another.

Hence, Single page website is gaining popularity because it represents an entire portfolio profile of the organization or product and service without leaving the page and that too swiftly. With the use of JQuery, Scrolling Sliders, HTML5, Flash, Animations and other web technologies, you can make your website more effective and user friendly which gives the best user experience.

Benefits of having a single page website

Easy Site Maintenance: A website having a single page is much easy to maintain because a designer won’t have to do changes in multiple pages. With single page website the maintenance time of website will also be reduced drastically.

Easy Navigation: On single page website navigation is easy. There is only single page in the website so users don’t need to surf various web pages of website. The main advantage is those users have to scroll over on just one page or just click to get information.

Less Content: You do not have to think much on what to place in your web page because there are very less contents. Although, at times it is complex to write briefly that are immediate, apparent and particular, but when it’s done up well, the web page will definitely be effective.

Redirect Page: with a single page design, you don’t need to redirect the user’s onto another page to show your company details. Everything will be seen at a single glance. It might be confusing for users to redirect onto another page as the users might think that the page link is either broken or incorrect. Without any redirection page, a user can get complete information easily.

Focus on Visitor’s Attention: single page website gives best experience to visitor’s .That’s because single page website users don’t have to navigate between pages. They can easily get information they require because they are aware of where to search for the information. 

Good Impression on Visitors: Good impression!!! How? Well, Single page websites are not ‘common’ to people. When people visit your website they can find something new and exciting. They can be impressed by the use of graphic design, animation and the website layout which is used to depict the organization and the product.

Maintain Website Quality: With single page website, you can get more attention drawn towards the quality of website and not the quantity. You can have a better quality as its more focused with precise and brief information and limited use of graphics and navigation.

Content Management: Single page website contains less content so it’s easily manageable. The sections are separated from header and footer of website, which makes it easy for the user.

Good for Search Engines: A single web page website can also be a great way to get a boost on search engine results. You can include search engine marketing keywords into the text on the web site, and then publish your single page website in all search engines. Your website will get established in the search engines and once this is done then you can start concentrating on enhancing the look of the website search engine.

Why is a single page website required in the first place?

Single page websites, is an excellent way to advertise the company products and services. It helps them reach the right customers directly. Sometimes it will create a place in market before moving traffic onto the website where the real purchase will be done. Single page website will help business entrepreneurs to find the right customers and connect with them easily.

Mobile web is a current trend. Mobile web needs an easy, lightweight and self-contained website and single page website is the best solution for that. Single page website is unique in its own way which gives the best results.
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