Jul 21, 2012

Create Effective Landing Page Design to Get Visitor’s Attention

Before starting any discussion let’s have a look on what is landing page Design?
  • Web development point of View: From web development point of view, landing page is a web page like any website page which contains some basic website fundamentals like HTML, CSS, images, graphics, etc
  • Company Point of View: From a company’s perspective, landing page is a web page that asks users for their details to sign up and purchase and use services provided by the company.
  • Client’s Point of View: From client’s point of view, landing page is a simple page which is displayed when they click on some advertisement or any hyperlinks and gives them the details for what they are searching.

Landing page is a very essential part of any website which works as the display panel for your online business website. Basically landing page is used for online marketing. It’s a single page which appears when user clicks on PPC ads or any hyperlink. Not only a home page can be a landing page, any page of your website that displays your company’s services or products can be your website’s landing page. With the help of the landing page design, you can increase the number of targeted visitors for your website and convert them into leads. You can increase traffic for your website and get higher ranking in search result pages. Optimized website contains lots of landing pages; you can increase the chance to show up in search engines by adding loads of useful content with effective keywords. 

You can ask your customer to sign up for the use of company’s services, to perform online shopping, subscription registration and scores of other services. Landing page is your first prospect to allure a visitor so it must be attractive and eye catching. You may lose a customer if your landing page is not effective and not able to grab the interest of the customers.

There are various business competitors on the web so creating an effective and a unique Landing page from that of your competitor which builds faith amongst the user and help you increase your business. Here are some tips on how to make effective landing page design.

Set Your Website Goal

First of all, identify your company’s website goals. Goals are important to obtain success in business. Set an appropriate goal on how to promote your business? How to impress customers by your services? Your goal should relate to your company’s service, customers and the company brand. You may add several key activities like Email registration, request for an inquiry call, etc. to achieve the desired goal.

Create a Website With Excellent Page Layout

Page layout is all about the design elements which go into making a website. Create a page layout which is attractive and easy to convey your business message to the visitor. Place your company logo on the top left side of the page which attracts the user’s attention. Don’t set external links on your landing page. Place company privacy policy on landing page in an organized and uncluttered manner which gives them a secure feeling.

Use Proper Color Combination

Visitors’ get easily attracted to the website which has excellent color combination. Use appropriate color for your landing page design. If the landing page contains bright color toning as a background page, it easily attracts attention of the users. 

Logical Arrangement of Web Page Element

When users visit your web page they don’t scrutinize through the entire details of the web page. They take a glance at the details which are highlighted or emphasized and in those which they are interested. You can attract their attention by adding contrast color which highlight your content and navigate them to click on the link and Using high resolution images which takes less time to load. Ensure the images used should be attractive, appropriate and should provide details about your business. Use a proper typographic font which easily expresses the business information. 

Provide Clear and Crisp Information

Never confuse your customers. Give direct information to them. Be clear with what you want to say, it gives them a clear idea about the landing page. Avoid adding a lot of written clutter which confuses them and gives them a feeling of wasting their time.

Generate Trust Among Customer

Make sure that your landing page is secured. Your landing page design should contains some links like contact details, privacy police, about us, services terms, testimonials etc. which allows them  to contact you at any time and in numerous ways like chat, call, email. Your privacy policy should be to the point which is easy to understand for visitor. Give secure transaction facility through SSL for online transactions.

Customer Feedback and Testimonial

Don’t post fake testimonial. Provide feedback option to customer and  respond to them by providing a quick and easy solution. Your old customer’s feedback and testimonial can present a positive impact on new customers. It will help you build trust with the new customers.
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