Jul 27, 2012

Website Wireframe: A Valuable Tool To Create an Effective Website

Even before the commencement of a website design, creating a wireframe for your website is an essential step. Wireframe is an important tool for web development process. It is used to organize the elements and contents of the website. It displays your website’s basic view.

Now, the question that arises in our mind is what is wireframe and why is it used?

Wireframe is a simple visual representation of the elements and contents on your web page which helps you to understand how your web page should look like. It is used to represent the graphic structure of the website. You can create wireframe with different software tools available in market or by rough sketches, etc. Wireframe is not a fully designed structure of a website .It displays the location of the design elements on a website. 

Introduction of wireframe

Wireframe is the best way to start your website designing work. Basically wireframes are designed with gray color or with light color effect. Wireframe can be the bridge between the real website and your website thought design. Wireframe design consists of logical representation of logo, tagline and company name, Login box, content, navigation menu, buttons, sidebar widgets and other links. Wireframe permits web developers to talk on the website design related issues and test them before implementation. With wireframe you can also test your website navigation structure on how each web page is connected to the other. 

How wireframe is created?

Wireframe can be created in many ways; you can use simple paper and pen to draw the design. There are lots of tools and software available in the market like adobe Photoshop, illustrator, pencil project, cacoo, picodo, adobe fireworks, etc. which assists you to design your website layout.
It’s not important that by which tool or software you are creating a wireframe but the right design is the crucial. 

Things to avoid why designing wireframe
  • Details in depth: Too many details on your wireframe design may confuse your client which in turn may work negatively for you. So it’s important to add the right and full information and in case you want an in depth detail at a later point it can be appended.
  • Using design and color: wireframe is about the web layout and logical representation of elements on website. Avoid adding colors on your wireframe design as it may damage the look of the website. Adding graphics and color may affect your design idea.
  • Use of white space: use appropriate white space so that your design doesn't look messy and cluttered. Wireframe design with appropriate white space gives the right idea about your design and makes it a delight to understand by the users.

Advantages of Wireframe
  • With the use of Wireframe in your design, you can get a clear idea of each page with respect to information, design and other elements. 
  • With a Wireframe design you get a comprehensible look of the website .Hence it will ease the understanding on how it appears to visitors and their reactions.
  • Wireframe is easy to design; it saves money, time and effort because any changes that are required can be incorporated easily rather than going for Redesigning.
  • With wireframe you can easily check which content is missing and its relevance on a website.
  • Wireframes gives a real picture of the product to the client. A client will not be able to otherwise get the feel of the product and he may not be interested in it.
  • With Wireframe, it’s easy for client to suggest any changes, improvements without any apprehensions.

No project is similar; however, trying to create something out of the blue will facilitate monetary profits at a later stage. Wire framing is crucial juncture of web development cycle. Website design will need constant changes until final approval of the client. However, using wireframe to implement changes will not damage the actual development of the website. You can sort out developmental related issues, even before commencing the actual developing process.
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